Monday, May 12, 2008

My Son is a Dangerous Lunatic

In my last post I wrote about my afternoon at the Hospital with my 5 year old daughter. Well, after you get a cast removed at the hospital, they give it to you to keep. My 20 month old son HATES it when anyone else gets something that he doesn't get - including a cast for a broken arm. NOW he has one of his own...

When I finally was able to come home for the night, I found my wife waiting for me with a distraut look on her face.

"I think you should be made aware that your son is a Dangerous Lunatic."


He loves ducks. He has two favorite stuffed animals - both ducks, both named "Quackie". Earlier in the day, he put them both in a cloth bag, AND SHOVED THE BAG INTO THE OVEN. Luckily, my wife happened to open the oven when she turned it on to preheat before cooking supper...

As she confessed on the phone to her Mom that she nearly burned down the house, my wife turned around to see him smearing suntan lotion all over the computer screen. While she was cleaning off the computer screen, he went into the living room and smeared vaseline all over Daddy's "comfy-chair". My wife chased him out of there, by this point laughing and crying at the same time, and a few minutes later he came staggering back in wearing a bucket on his head, his sister's old cast on his arm, and puffing on an empty medicine dropper like a cigar. My wife had lost, he had won, and he was taking his victory lap.

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